Virginia Kuhn’s curriculum/pedagogy at the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy, for her class The Praxis of New Media
Following Holen’s links, this is the first of three classes Virginia Kuhn, PhD has taught at USC — which teach new media / new literacy through using a primary filmic text, that students work from to create their own projects. The first is The Iraqi Doctors Project. Most recently, she and her students worked with the Shoah Foundation testimonies. Ideas, language, and actual curricula are very relevant to the Platform, and to the kinds of media analysis and creation we are looking to facilitate.

Her essay about teaching this curriculum can be found here, and is called  “Filmic Texts and the Rise of the Fifth Estate” and uses the Scalar platform to create this non-linear, multi-media presentation.

About Scalar:
“Scalar enables users to assemble media clips and images from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways, with minimal technical expertise required.”